Q. How are my Cabinets going to hold up after you are done?

A. The prep work is the key here, because of the way we prepare the surfaces our coatings can bond directly to wood avoiding all the problems in between. This allows our final product to hold up infinitely better than ones where the right prep was not done and cabinets were just painted over. Flaking and chipping paint is always a major concern with "paint over jobs" where the finish has not been removed. 

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Q. Is removing the finish really necessary?

A. This step is what allows other companies to offer enticing prices on their service. It is a lot of work! Cleaning with a little scuff sanding just doesn't cut it with the most used surfaces in your home (your cabinets). All the leading "sticks to all surface" primers fall short when tested in real life situations where cabinets have been used regularly and have all different types of top coats applied by the manufacturer. If we saw real results of this working effectively we would certainly offer the option. It is simply a risk not worth taking with such a valuable part of your home.

Q. Will my cabinets look like they have been painted?

A. When we finish your cabinets will have a high-quality factory finish. Your neighbors will think you bought new cabinets when they see them in person, not just in a picture.

Q. How do you all get along with each other every day?

A. This one was a trick question, we do get asked a lot though! We love each other and we love what we do so it all goes surprisingly well!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What colors do you offer?

A. We can have our products mixed in any Benjamin Moore color- except the Aura Color Stories Collection (these color numbers begin with CSP-). Our most popular colors starting with the most popular are White Dove, Decorators White, and Navajo White. White Dove is our most popular because it pretty much always looks great!

Q. Do I need to be there while you work?

A. You do not need to be there while we work. We typically don't have many questions to ask when we arrive, but you can leave a cell number just in case. You are welcome to be around the house and you will be able to access the kitchen if need be. We do operate best when we are left to do our thing, but we don't mind our customers popping in and seeing how great things are looking!

Q. How long will your coating last on my cabinets?

A. I like to compare this situation with a new car. If you take care of it it will last for many years to come. The prep work we do will protect you from the problems that you would be getting from the short cutting companies. Our process and products will give you excellent chip resistance and coating failure is not an issue because we start with a clean slate. 

Q. How do I clean my cabinets, and what can I do to maintain them?

A. The best method for cleaning and wiping down your finished cabinets is dish soap and a soft damp cloth. If there is a stubborn spot that just isn't responding to soap and water you can try citrus goo-gone we have found this product to respond well to our coatings and to work great as a problem solver for hard to remove blemished like scuff marks. Use the solvent gently with a soft cloth and clean the area afterward. If you try anything else be careful and test in an inconspicuous area first to be sure there are no problems. Do not use anything abrasive such as the magic eraser.

  Keeping your cabinets wiped down and not allowing debris to sit for a long time on the surface will help the coating to stay strong.

  Also, avoid leaving water sitting on the surface to soak into the doors. Under- sink cabinets should be wiped down when substantial water is running onto them to avoid long-term problems with water swelling the wood and causing potential coating issues. 

Q. Do you apply a clear coat to protect the finish?

A. It is common on DIY sites for people to recommend a clear coat for extra durability. This is typically more of a crutch to help hold up poor prep work or a weak top coat. Our coating is designed to not need a clear coat, so there would be no benefit.

Q. Do you guys build Cabinets?

A. We do not build cabinets, we do have a contact if you need to make some changes to your current cabinets before we come out though.