There is nothing that will freshen the inside of your home like a new paint job. When it comes to painting not very many professionals truly qualify as high-quality craftsmen. Without proper prep work, razor sharp edging, and smooth uniform application of the top coat a paint job will never allow your home to look its best. Poorly cut edges, blotchy finishes, brush marks and paint where it is not supposed to be are things that you should not have to experience when hiring a professional to do your job. Unfortunately, this is something we see and hear about all the time.... but there is a solution! 

​When you hire Kammes Colorworks for your project you will always receive a top notch paint job. Although we get your house back in order quickly and efficiently we never go faster than the paint will allow.  

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-Walls rolled with shed free rollers and a proper technique to achieve a uniform finish

-Walls scuff sanded for preparation of painting and a smooth finished surface

When average just doesn't cut it

Interior Painting

-The final look is even better in person, but the picture doesn't look half bad either!

-Wall Edges cut in razor sharp for an outstanding final appearance!


We start by bringing in all of our supplies and setting them up somewhere that is not in your way. Then we move your furniture to the center of the room and cover it with fresh plastic. Drop clothes are used to cover your flooring. 

We then take care of any prep work that is needed. Trim and doors will be sanded and wiped down then filled and caulked where needed to fill holes and gaps. Drywall will be repaired where necessary and primed. 

When we paint your trim by hand it will resemble a sprayed finish, choppy brush strokes and roller marks are never part of the package. We use trim enamels that level out when applied properly to achieve the smoothest possible finish while providing great durability and low odor and VOC content. Your doors and trim will look amazing when we are finished!

We hand cut everything and do not rely on tape or edgers to make a straight line. Our paint products are carefully selected from the leaders in the industry to use the product that will best suit your project. Whether you like flatter paints or want something more washable we can provide you with the best product at our discounted price.

Our Family team is committed to making the whole experience of your project as painless as possible. We work hard and also like to enjoy the day and laugh a little.