Next, we hand sand the primer smoothing out the finish to prepare for the topcoat. This step is important, after sealing the wood sanding it down is the only way to get that glass like finish. We then apply 2 to 3 coats of our finish, this is where all the hard work pays off. After the doors are all complete each one is examined to be sure it is up to our standard. When we bring your doors back for installation you will think we left your old ones back at the shop and brought new doors. But don't just take our word for it see what our clients are saying about us by visiting our Reviews Page!

We use the leading products in the industry to achieve a long-lasting, durable, and rich looking finish while being much lower in odor and VOC content than comparable coatings. Below you can see how an oak door can look after painting without even using a filler for the wood grain.

The key to achieving an amazing factory finish on your cabinet doors is in the environment as well as the technique. We spray your cabinet doors in our properly ventilated spray shop with a controlled climate. This allows all of the overspray to escape quickly from the shop preventing airborne particles from landing on your doors. Also, optimal temperatures ensure that the coating can dry and cure properly. You will never see a run or drip on your doors either, those problems do not exist in our shop. 

Getting back to the process, the next step after the preparation is to prime the prepared surfaces with the necessary coatings of our premium primer (typically two). This will seal the wood (blocking stains and wood tannins) and allow for excellent adhesion of the top coat. The right primer is also a key factor in the final appearance of the finish. Below you can see how an oak cabinet door will look after priming. Notice in these photos the cabinet door frame is not caulked to the inner panel. This is one joint that should not be caulked as it is designed for expansion and contraction of the wood. As much as it may seem like a cosmetic upgrade, caulking this joint will likely lead to long-term problems.

Putting it all together...

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​​The right way to prep your Cabinetry...

Oak Cabinet Door after Finishing

If your Kitchen is looking dated or in need of a fresh look, painting your cabinets will have an incredible impact on the appearance of your home. Your friends and family will all think that you replaced your cabinets! Even older oak cabinetry looks beautiful when painted properly. Refinishing your cabinets will save you a lot of money and you can spare your old cabinets from the dumpster. Well, before you pick up a brush and get started on it yourself, or hire a contractor who does not specialize at this, listen to how we do things and why....

We start by taking off all of your doors and removing the hardware, these will be taken back to our shop where we can prep and spray them in an optimal environment with controlled temperature and ventilation.

The prep work is very important. We will clean and power sand all surfaces to remove the current finish and maximize adhesion. This will remove all residue that has eaten into the finish over the years as well. This sanding process is the only way to end up with cabinets that will stand the test of time and be resistant to chipping and flaking. The direct to wood bond offers product adhesion that simply cannot be compared to priming over the clear topcoat that is currently on your cabinets. We also take the time to "break the edges" on your cabinets. This process slightly rounds off sharp edges on your cabinets adding an exceptional amount of durability to areas prone to chipping. In our 3 Pillars of Cabinet Refinishing video below, we expand on our prepping process even more. Please check it out to learn even more about what you get with our process!

All sanding will be done with a high powered vacuum attachment on the sanding tool so that there will be no dust circulating around your home. Did we mention that you will still have access to your kitchen if need be and you will not need to completely empty your cabinets? 


Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Why Choose Kammes Colorworks for your Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing?

Our initial time on-site typically takes 3-4 days.

The first day and second day your doors will be removed and taken back to the shop. All on-site surfaces will be prepped and primed. We can talk about replacing any defective hinges at this time as well. Having all your doors function correctly will make them feel like new again (most of the time they just need adjustment).

The third and fourth day we will apply the finish to your on-site surfaces. Everything else will be done off-site during that week as well.

The final day of the process will be scheduled approximately two weeks from the date we began your project. This will allow the necessary time for your doors to cure before packaging them and bringing them back to your home for installation. On the day of installation, your doors will be re-installed and hinges will be properly adjusted. 

We would love to discuss your project. Contact us anytime to get a free estimate!

How to achieve that Factory Finish...

​Oak cabinet door after priming