One thing you may notice when you navigate through our website is that we share a lot more information about what matters than our competitors. We do this so that our customers know exactly what to expect from us when they hire us. You can refer back to our website anytime at your convenience!

Be sure to check out our process, this is what really sets our services apart from the competition.

Another thing you will notice when you reach out to us is that we do things differently than other companies. With all of today's avenues of communication, we simplify things in order to keep everyone on the same page and not have things forgotten along the way. Effective communication will prevent your project from becoming a stressful nightmare and you will be able to stay focused on other things- like living your life.

The Kammes Colorworks Team

Have you had problems with a company not showing up when they say they will? 

Have you had a contractor begin work on your project then put you on the back burner?

Was a contractor you hired hard to get a hold of and constantly forgetting what you discussed with them?

Did you hire a company to do work in your home then realize their quality of work was far from what you expected leaving you in an awkward position?

​Do you feel like contactors just want to get your job over with so they can move on to the next project?

Did a company send out a sales rep that you liked a lot, then when work began you were not comfortable with the workers sent to your home?

Does it bother you that most companies out there don't actually specialize in cabinet painting and primarily offer other services?

​​Are you concerned that there will be problems if you paint over your cabinets?  

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions you are not alone! We believe in a better way of doing things and that is what we call The Kammes Colorworks Experience...​​

Cabinet Refinishing Process

Effective Communication

Pingree Grove, IL Cabinet Painting

​​​Why not hire an ordinary painter to paint your cabinets?

Wheaton, IL Cabinet Painting

Kammes Colorworks has been serving ElburnSt. CharlesGenevaSouth Elgin, BataviaSugar GroveElgin, North Aurora, Aurora, Montgomery, Wheaton, West Chicago, Winfield, Wayne, Bartlett, Gilberts, WarrenvilleCarol StreamCrystal Lake, Dundee, Huntley, Algonquin, Lake in the Hills, Pingree Grove, Hampshire, Sycamore, Cortland, Dekalb, and more nearby Illinois areas since 2006. ​You can see our Areas Served page for more details, fill out my Contact Form, or just send me a quick email if you are uncertain that we offer cabinet painting services near you.

You don't need to rely on us to answer this question though, please check out what our customers are saying about us as well in Our Reviews!​​​

​​Do you offer Cabinet Painting and Refinishing near me?

How will my cabinets hold up once they are painted?
I like to compare this situation with a new car. If you 
take care of them, they will last for many years to come. The prep work we do will protect you from the problems that you would be getting from the standard paint jobsOur process and products will give you excellent chip resistance and paint won't just flake off of your cabinets during use the way it does with bad cabinet paint jobs.​ 

A Detailed Process

When it comes to a service-based business, bigger is rarely better. More people in an organization often leads to more problems and a diluted experience. Some companies hire out work to sub-contractors to avoid having a lot of employees. This approach makes them more of a middle man than a company. You do not know who you are hiring in this situation and are simply rolling the dice. 

Small companies have a tendency to overbook themselves and always be too busy to offer their best services. They mean well but just can't manage the volume of work coming in properly. 

Both sides always want to get as much done as possible to earn their profit margins so rushing around is the easiest way to make that happen. This leads to cutting corners, overlooking details, and simply not having the time to do things right.

We set out to provide an experience that works best for the customer and our company, The Kammes Colroworks Experience! We have just the right number of workers in our small family business to be the most efficient and effective at what we do so you get more for your money and we have the time allowed to do your job the right way every time. All of our workers have mastered their skill sets. You always get the A-team when you hire Kammes Colorworks for your kitchen cabinet painting project and we want to impress you with our abilities!

Google Review (5 Star)

"We've worked with several home improvement contractors over the years and our experience with Kammes Colorworks was as good as it gets. We investigated every kitchen cabinet makeover scenario possible - new cabinets, refacing, and refinishing...and we're so happy we elected to go with refinishing. Our cabinets look like they are factory finished and it was by far the least cost option. In addition - Lenny and his family are great to work with. From the "low maintenance" estimate process (all e-mail driven) through to the final job completion- the project was well outlined and delivered perfectly on schedule. The most difficult part of the process was choosing what paint color to go with! Most important the final product is truly outstanding - these guys are specialists at what they do. Highly, highly recommend Kammes Colorworks!"


Cabinet Door that was "Just Painted Over"

Do you offer a warranty?
The first thing you need to realize about warranties in the coatings industry is that they are mostly a sales technique. Once all the disclosures are added into the legal print it is really up to the company (or the court system if taken that far) if they want to help. A warranty is only as good as the company offering it. We believe in taking the right measures so that there is no need for all that, and we like to keep things as simple as a good word and a handshake. In the event that there are problems let us know what is happening so we can help! 

Yelp Review (5 Star)

"Beautiful work!!! We are so happy that we chose Kammes to refinish our kitchen. The entire team (father, son, daughter) was very professional and easy to work with. Communication was very quick and informative. We were given a detailed quote and specific instructions on what to expect throughout the process. The team spent 4 days working on our cabinet boxes, then delivered our doors a week later. Everything was scheduled accordingly where we left the team inside our home with no worries whatsoever. The added carpentry was absolutely stunning. I highly recommend this to anyone redoing their cabinets. We used "White Dove" as our color choice, which turned out amazing! Don't wait any longer, just make the appointment!!! You will not regret it!!!"


What services do you offer to your customers?

Whether you need kitchen cabinet painting or need to reverse the damage caused by another painter, our process is the answer! If you want more than just cabinet re-finishing we can add carpentry and island enhancements for a more custom look, and change your hinges for an updated appearance or just better functionality. If you have grainy oak cabinetry our process will help fill in the grain to give them a smoother look while preserving the natural beauty of the wood.

If you are in the process of planning, check out our Project Planning page to help you along.

​​​Common Questions...

Our Process is the primary reason you should hire our company for your cabinet refinishing project, we just make sure it is not the only reason. I challenge you to find another company that has a more solid process for prepping your cabinetry prior to top-coating. I will understand if you'd rather not waste your time shopping around once you find us, though! Everyone wants their cabinetry to look great, and we will impress you with our finishes, but the detail, time, and labor that goes into the prep work is what you will not find anywhere else. Why attempt to build without a solid foundation? And we will do all of this without making a dusty mess out of your home!

​​Google Review (5 Star)

"Kammes Colorworks did a great job from beginning to end with our kitchen cabinet refinishing project. After receiving multiple bids their estimate was the most reasonably priced and their customer service was by far the best. They provided an accurate estimate, samples for us to view ahead of time, communicated regularly throughout the project, and were spot on with their timeline. They were very clean, friendly, detail-oriented, and the finished product is amazing. Our old cabinets literally look brand new. I would highly recommend Kammes Colorworks, they were all around one of the best contractors we've ever used."


The right team for the job

Careful Planning

Does it save money to Paint my cabinets vs Replacing or Re-facing?
Our cabinet refinishing process is generally about 15% of the cost to replace your cabinets and that doesn't even include unforeseen expenses that follow when you are making the change. Refacing your cabinets by getting new doors and veneering over your boxes is about the same cost as new cabinets without the extra expenses that go with full cabinet removal. Refinishing your cabinets will save you a lot of money and create less waste. Also, keep in mind if your cabinets are currently a stained finish they are most likely much more solid wood than what you would buy new in a store as "paint grade". Why pay more for less quality?

​​Kitchen Cabinet Painting 

The Kammes Colorworks Experience...

Any house painter can paint your cabinets so why do you need a specialist? This is a question I am certain many people will ask themselves when they decide to move forward with hiring out their cabinet refinishing project.

A house painter will likely be a much more affordable option for your project and the reason is simple. They are going to just paint over your cabinets. Your kitchen cabinets are the most used surface in your home, they need more than the standard approach to painting by house painters and DIY bloggers. Saving money on painting your cabinets the easy waycan come at a great cost. When you hire a specialist to paint your cabinets (a company that offers it as their primary service) you have a much better chance of getting a quality job done. You have likely noticed that I focus heavily on the foundational prep work. There is more to the process than just that, but without those steps, you are building on an unstable foundation. We outline our process on our website in detail so that our customers can have a clear understanding of what we do and why. 

In order to offer the best services to our customers, we plan our projects carefully. We don't overbook so you can feel confident that when you schedule your projectwith us, you own those dates. You can count on us to remember what we discuss with you and be there when we say we will This is the way business should be done.

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