Is sanding really necessary when painting my cabinets? 

​This step is what allows some
other companies to offer enticing prices on their services (or just charge too much). It is a lot of work! Cleaning with a little scuff sanding just doesn't cut it with the most handled and used surfaces in your home. All the leading "sticks to all surface" primers fall short when tested in real life situations where cabinets have been used regularly and have all different types of top coats applied by the manufacturer. It is simply a risk not worth taking with such an important part of your home.

​​​​Thank you for visiting our website, we are glad you're here! If you are looking to update your kitchen cabinets and give them a fresh new look you have come to the right place. We would love to be part of your cabinet refinishing project!

Why should I choose Kammes Colorworks for my Cabinet Painting project?

Kammes Colorworks Inc. is your local 
kitchen cabinet painting company. We have been serving ElburnSt. CharlesGenevaSouth ElginBataviaSugar GroveElgin and other nearby areas since 2006. As company owner and operator I, Lenny, have been in the field since 1995.  Accompanied by my wife, Melissa, I have had the privilege of building this company, Kammes Colorworks, from the ground up. We decided on using our last name as the company name to display the pride of ownership and commitment to our services that we would not fall away from. We are a small family business whose purpose, as a team, is to deliver what other professionals are not. Our company goal is to be the best in our field and deliver an experience to our customers that is pleasant from start to finish.

Does it save money to Paint my cabinets vs Replacing or Re-facing?

Our cabinet refinishing process is generally about 15% of the cost to replace your cabinets and that doesn't even include unforeseen expenses that follow when you are making the change. Refacing your cabinets by getting new doors and veneering over your boxes is about the same cost as new cabinets without the extra expenses that go with full cabinet removal. Refinishing your cabinets will save you a lot of money and you can spare your old cabinets from the dumpster. Having your cabinets painted professionally can also add a lot of value to your home.​​

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How will my cabinets hold up once they are painted?

I like to compare this situation with a new car. If you 
take care of them, they will last for many years to come. The prep work we do will protect you from the problems that you would be getting from the short cutting companiesOur process and products will give you excellent chip resistance and paint won't just flake off of your cabinets during use the way it does with bad cabinet paint jobs.

Do you offer kitchen cabinet painting near me?

Check out the 
areas we serve to see some of the local places where we have refinished cabinets for our clients.

Examples of actual Bad Cabinet Paint Jobs seen below. One of these was an entire completed project, while the other was a display prop at a home improvement store.

What services do you offer to your customers?

Whether you need kitchen cabinet painting or need to reverse the damage caused by another painter, our process is the answer! If you want more than just cabinet re-finishing we can add glazing to the edges of your doors for more detail, add carpentry and island enhancements for a more custom look, and change your hinges for an updated appearance or just better functionality. If you have grainy oak cabinetry our process will help fill in the grain to give them a smoother look while preserving the natural beauty of the wood.

If you are in the process of planning, check out our Project Planning page to help you along.

Will my cabinet doors look like they have been painted?

Unlike the picture above, when we 
re-finish your cabinets they will have a high-quality factory finish. Your friends and family will think you bought new cabinets when they see them in person, not just in a picture. We believe your cabinets should look like they came that way.

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Cabinet Door that was "Just Painted Over"

Can I just paint over my kitchen cabinets?

Just painting over your cabinets with minimal prep work can be done by anyone and is what
most painters offer, but is that really what you want? Our kitchen cabinet refinishing process takes cabinet painting to the much needed next level for one of the most valuable parts of your home, your kitchen cabinets. Don't just paint over your kitchen cabinets!