Unfortunately, when you are looking to hire a professional to paint your kitchen cabinets​ you have to realize that bad paint jobs are real, they do exist, and they happen all the time to unsuspecting victims...​​

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In the above and below image, these poor cabinet doors have been painted to reveal a texture that was meant to hide imperfections on drywall. These sadly look much worse in person. In the picture below glazing was poorly attempted. The marks all over are a combination of glaze fingerprints and paint that easily chipped off. The sample door below was presented by a painter at a sales consultation after receiving a deposit for the work while the sample above was a final project completed by a painter where the homeowner arrived home to see the results.

The Picture below was taken when I came across a refinishing company's cabinet display at a home improvement store. You can see some of the chunkiness in the photo, but the entire door was covered in it. The profile edge that should not be caulked was caulked as well (very poorly).

Orange Peel finish on Cabinet Door

Bad Cabinet Paint Jobs

Paint Flaking off of Cabinet Door

Poor product adhesion (paint failure) can hide under a smooth finish as well, as seen below, the coating can be scratched off with a thumbnail. How long do you think a cabinet paint job like that will last? Unfortunately, just long enough for the painter to get out the door and on to his next victim. 

What can I do if I get a bad paint job on my Cabinets? 

Paint is chipping and flaking off of my cabinets, how can I fix them?

How can I fix the awful texture on my cabinets? 

We offer damage recovery services on bad cabinet paint jobs, whether your cabinet paint job is flaking, chipping, peeling, or just plain looks bad we can help you out. It is always better to have had it done right in the first place, but with our process, we are able to bring back a look to your cabinets that you can enjoy again, along with the durability you need. If you have had the displeasure of being given a bad paint job on your cabinets let us know and we can discuss your options.

What is a bad cabinet paint job?

Orange peel, roller texture, brush marks, blotchy, uneven, runs, drips, rough, sticky, chipping, flaking, peeling...

The list of describing words goes on and on for bad cabinet paint jobs but let's allow some images to "paint" a better picture for us. Spoiler Alert, these are real paint jobs done by professional companies of which we will not disclose...

Roller Texture on Cabinet Door

In the images below you will find coating failure around the knobs where the finish acually became gooey from painting over the compromised finish on the cabinets. This began to happen shortly after the painting company had completed the project.

Bad Cabinet Paint Jobs