Kitchen Cabinet Painting St. Charles, IL

​We have spent several years completing projects in the Montgomery area, we love offering our services here! Kammes Colorworks has been serving the Montgomery, IL area since 2006, so if you need your kitchen cabinets painted we would love to have your business. We are not your ordinary painters, we are cabinet refinishing specialists. We don't just paint over your cabinets! 

Yelp Review (5 Star)

"I can't say enough about the team at Kammes ColorWorks! They transformed my Kitchen. I had natural colored oak cabinets that were outdated and wanted to refinish them. My neighbor referred me to Kammes colorworks and I could not be happier! I wanted a fresh look with white cabinets and from the start they were very attentive to detail. They came over for the consult and brought 3 cabinet samples of white. One of them had glazing that I was interested in too. They worked very proficiently every day until the job was done in about 3 days. They came back to re-install the cabinet doors about two weeks later, after professionally refinishing them in their lab, and the result was amazing! I get compliments every time guests come to the house. The Kammes family is very talented, very reasonable, and just a special group of people that I'm glad I met!"


Why not hire an ordinary painter to paint your cabinets?

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Our Detailed Prepping Process

The right team for the job

Facebook Review (5 Star)
"Our kitchen cabinets look so beautiful thanks to everyone at Kammes! We just love our island enhancement! The island is now the focal point in the kitchen. 
Everyone was prompt and very friendly and we felt comfortable having them work in our home. 
We will definitely recommend Kammes Colorworks to others."


Cabinet Refinishing Process

Any house painter can paint your cabinets so why do you need a specialist? This is a question I am certain many people will ask themselves when they decide to move forward with hiring out their cabinet refinishing project.

A house painter will likely be a much more affordable option for your project and the reason is simple. They are going tojust paint over your cabinets. Your kitchen cabinets are the most used surface in your home, they need more than the standard approach to painting by house painters and DIY bloggers. Saving money on painting your cabinets the easy way can come at a great cost. When you hire a specialist to paint your cabinets (a company that offers it as their primary service) you have a much better chance of getting a quality job done. You have likely noticed that I focus heavily on the foundational prep work. There is more to the process than just that, but without those steps, you are building on an unstable foundation. We outline our process on our website in detail so that our customers can have a clear understanding of what we do and why. 

The Kammes Colorworks Team
Cabinet Door that was "Just Painted Over"

​​​​Cabinet Painting Services in Montgomery, IL

Our Process is the primary reason you should hire our company for your cabinet refinishing project, we just make sure it is not the only reason. I challenge you to find another company that has a more solid process for prepping your cabinetry prior to top-coating. I will understand if you'd rather not waste your time shopping around once you find us, though! Everyone wants their cabinetry to look great, and we will impress you with our finishes, but the detail, time, and labor that goes into the prep work is what you will not find anywhere else. Why attempt to build without a solid foundation? And we will do all of this without making a dusty mess out of your home!

When it comes to a service-based business, bigger is rarely better. More people in an organization often leads to more problems and a diluted experience. Some companies hire out work to sub-contractors to avoid having a lot of employees. This approach makes them more of a middle man than a company. You do not know who you are hiring in this situation and are simply rolling the dice. 

Small companies have a tendency to overbook themselves and always be too busy to offer their best services. They mean well but just can't manage the volume of work coming in properly. 

Both sides always want to get as much done as possible to earn their profit margins so rushing around is the easiest way to make that happen. This leads to cutting corners, overlooking details, and simply not having the time to do things right.

We set out to provide an experience that works best for the customer and our company, The Kammes Colorworks Experience! We have just the right number of workers in our small family business to be the most efficient and effective at what we do so you get more for your money and we have the time allowed to do your job the right way every time. All of our workers have mastered their skill sets. You always get the A-team when you hire Kammes Colorworks for your kitchen cabinet painting project and we want to impress you with our abilities!