With Kammes Colorworks, Inc. what you see is what you get! The refinishing team consists of Me, my Dad, and my Sister. My Wife Melissa and I operate the business together. We have all worked together to find our places within the company and each member has earned the right to be part of the team.

   The man responsible for the work ethics that were passed on to the rest of the family....

With a whopping 48 years of experience in the construction field from detailed carpentry to building custom homes, My Dad, Len Sr., knows how to contribute to any project that comes along.  His "work hard and treat people right, then things will work out" mentality has been a positive influence on everyone whose lives he has touched. My Dad is a workhorse with a fun-loving personality that is always a benefit to the daily environment.

  My Dad is responsible for the carpentry and foundational prep work that makes Kammes Colorwork's services so valuable, he has been contributing to our team since 2009.

    I, Lenny Kammes, began my first job painting in 1995 working after school and during the summer months. This continued through high school and up to creating Kammes Colorworks, Inc. My passion for constant improvement and stepping back to see a beautiful final product drove my desire to continue in the field and refine my skills in hopes of leading a company in the future.    

    When Melissa and I met in 2003 we wasted no time getting started with our life together. While helping out on my refinishing and painting projects it became clear that Melissa also possessed a natural born skill and a high expectation for the quality of work that she performed. This realization spurred the motivation that as a team we could make possible the dream of creating a refinishing and painting company that offered services to the exact standards that I had imagined. Kammes Colorworks was officially born in 2006 after a lot of thought and preparation (and the fun logo design). The foundation of Kammes Colorworks has always been to achieve the highest quality of craftsmanship in the field and to treat our clients with kindness and respect. We work together to help each other and the team to be their best.  

    I work with the refinishing team to oversee the process as it progresses. I also spray the paint coatings on your doors and do the in home portion of the sanding.

My Dad

Kammes Colorworks, Inc.
4N196 Farmview Rd. Elburn, IL 60119
(630) 675-5414

My Wife and I

The re-finishing team after wrapping up a project in St. Charles

The Kammes Colorworks Team

    My Sister, Keri's, creative spirit is definitely the driving force for her contributions at Kammes Colorworks. Her hairstyles may change but her commitment to the company has always been rock solid. After years of learning about paint while working on the retail side of the industry and taking on her own personal projects, she made the move to be part of our Team in 2012. After joining Kammes Colorworks her skills sharpened quickly and she was able to produce incredible results as a professional in a very short period of time.

    My Sister has become the on-site specialist within the company possessing the tedious abilities to deliver results on the cabinet boxes in the client's home.

My Sister

Lenny and Melissa Kammes

The Team